Benjamin Alejandro - About

Benjamin Alejandro Martinez
Born 1983, Ensenada, Baja California

“If I can give a message it would be to pursue ones noteworthy goals” 

Benjamin Alejandro has lived amidst a graffiti inspired landscape since childhood, a series of early experiences that challenged the status quo and included his experimentation as a tagger. These lessons have fueled Alejandro’s metamorphosis into a contemporary artist that critiques accepted notions of success and fame.  

A maker of photographs, paintings and sculptures, Alejandro's habit of utilizing recycled images from pop culture (initiated in 2008) became a signature aesthetic in the global street art movement.  While the artist is best known for his mug shot that forced him to reflect on his own history, the ironic portrait reminds others that we all have important choices that contribute toward our individual paths. 

Alejandro’s use of common imagery from the digital world mirrors the highs and lows of popular culture. References include obsessions to a fame driven society, wealth, and a personal quest for the spiritual. However the relentless replication of images and quotes also has an esoteric side and questions accepted definitions of originality and technique. 

In late 2013, Alejandro began painting simple but profound quotes and affirmations in an Arial font with monochromatic backgrounds. In Let’s Make Lots of Money (2013), Not for Sale (2014) and Life is a Stage (2012) the silkscreen has become a personal commentary. In recent works, Alejandro is photographing his home in Midtown Los Angeles and concentrating on ideas related to home and identity. 

Since his first 2012 solo exhibition, at Amanda Harris Gallery in Las Vegas, Alejandro has exhibited at LAB, Art Los Angeles (2012); The Trace Switzerland (2012); LABArt, Miami (2013); Amanda Harris Gallery, Las Vegas (2013); Space Gallery, Los Angeles (2014); and Gallery 446, Palm Springs (2014). Alejandro’s work has also appeared in books and magazines such as Stay Up, Los Angeles Street Art, Shepard Fairey Inc., and, more recently a feature in Beverly Hills Lifestyle.